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Original mixture of mathematics and simple role-playing. It's suitable for kids from 6 to 10 years for learning basic skills of math.

Lead your hero throught the horde of monster, kill them by right answers, save the princess and learn the basic skills of math.

Some monster holds a bonus, kill the monster and\nuse the bonus in the next turn.

  • Heart adds one life to your hero.
  • Shield blocks next attack of the monster.
  • Sword takes 2 lifes of the monster in the next\nattack of the hero.

The game collects number of right and wrong answers and according to the success increases or decreases player level. According the level, game is adjusts difficulty of examples. Basic level starting with addition, continues with subtraction, comparing numbers, multiplications and ending with division. Every child can enjoy the game according to its knowledge and over time attract new ones.

Future plans

  • time attack mode/level
  • new environments (swamp, castle)
  • monsters update (new monsters, animations, ...)


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Not as punishing as Maths Blaster. I love the sprite work. Are they your own works?

Thank you!

My game is not so punitive because my sons are 5 and 7yrs old and i want to do game more motivating than punitive. But i plan new mode "time attack", i hope it set the game more difficult for older players.

About sprites, not all are mine, all monsters i taken from public domain opengameart.org.